Flexo printing

Horizontal Streaks / Chattermarks

Problem case

Causes for chattermarks
Chattermarks happen diagonally to the web direction. Chattermarks come most
commonly from problems related to worn gears, especially if the pattern lines up in regularity with the gear drive. Other causes can be ink delivery system including pumping, and pressure settings for plate and anilox roll. If the lines appear as a blank lines without ink, plate and impression cylinder often temporarily lose contact. This can be caused by cylinder balance and/or a wrong design layout.


Solutions for chattermarks
1. Pressure setting between anilox roll and plate cylinder is incorrect, check setting and adjust accordingly.
2. Check machine for worn gears, cogs and other defects.
3. High machine speed can cause bouncing. Reducing machine speed can
improve the issue.
4. Check printing plate for design, such as gaps and adjust on new printing plate if possible.

Recommended Solutions to solving Horizontal Streaks / Chattermarks

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