TKM PowerPrint®

PowerPrint is a high-alloy tool steel developed by TKM. The special steel structure has outstanding wear resistance and avoids contamination of the inking system from residues of steel particles. This material is designed for longer lifetime with abrasive inks and very long print jobs.

  • High Durability
  • Reduces Scoring lines
  • Breaks down into a fine powder to protect your roller
  • Use for highly abrasive inks and coatings
  • Use for long runs and multiple jobs, Extended Gamut and CMYK
  • Eliminates blade crack outs at Cylinder edges

About TKM PowerPrint®

Achieve even higher quality printing results with ESP

TKM’s treatment will increase the durability of your doctor blades and your cylinders leading to significantly higher quality printing results.

  • Contact zone with the highest surface quality
  • Less burr formation
  • Corrosion protection
  • Less waste
  • Time saving at printing start-up
  • Less wear
  • Higher durability

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