TKM OptiPrint®

Our Premium carbon steel material that outlasts and outperforms the competition. This steel contains less sulfur particles, thereby eliminating breakouts and burrs at the surface of the anilox roller and protecting your investment. The higher chrome content allows the OptiPrint to wear more uniformly and break down into a fine powder, which prevents metal contamination in the ink system. OptiPrint is the ideal material for line, screen, and process work.

  • Premium Carbon Steel with high chrome content
  • up to 20% longer lifetime
  • Best value everyday blade
  • Reduced cylinder and anilox wear
  • Reduced start up time
  • Breaks down into a fine powder to protect your roller

About TKM OptiPrint®

Achieve even higher quality printing results with ESP and Protect

TKM’s ESP treatment and Protect coating will increase the durability of your doctor blades and your cylinders leading to significantly higher quality printing results, with the following advantages.

  • Contact zone with the highest surface quality
  • Less burr formation
  • Corrosion protection
  • Less waste
  • Time saving at printing start-up
  • Less wear
  • Higher durability

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