TKM CeraPrint®

This ceramic coated tip increases the lifetime of the doctor blade while being formulated to be gentle to the printing roller. Well suited for long print runs and multiple jobs.

  • State of the art coating technology
  • Gentle to your printing roller
  • Eliminates streaks and toning in gravure printing
  • Increases durability
  • Use for long runs and multiple jobs, Extended Gamut and CMYK

About TKM CeraPrint®

Achieve even higher quality printing results with ESP and Protect

TKM’s ESP treatment and Protect coating will increase the durability of your doctor blades and your cylinders leading to significantly higher quality printing results, with the following advantages.

  • Contact zone with the highest surface quality
  • Less burr formation
  • Corrosion protection
  • Less waste
  • Time saving at printing start-up
  • Less wear
  • Higher durability

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