Sustainability at TKM

Sustainability is a top priority for the TKM Group. Responsibility for people and their environment starts with working conditions, the supply chain and production. This includes the systematic auditing of suppliers, the efficient and careful use of resources and the maximum reduction of emissions and waste in the life cycle of the products.

Employees are trained in environmental protection and production processes are aligned with certified environmental and energy management systems ISO 14001 and ISO 50001.

On the customer side, sustainability remains a priority as well. Energy-efficient products and systems help to reduce the consumption of resources. The customer thus benefits not only from a high product quality, but also from an improved energy balance – and thus lower energy costs – and the long service life of the products.

VDMA-Sustainability Initiative

As an international manufacturing company, we consider it to be an essential part of our social responsibility to work towards the considerate use of natural resources and the protection of the environment and nature. This is why we have joined the Blue Competence Initiative.

The Initiative

Blue Competence embodies the innovation and technology leadership of the mechanical and plant engineering industry in terms of sustainable solutions. On the basis of verifiable criteria, the “Blue Competence” brand designates all members, participants and partners of the initiative as providers of solutions that improve the quality of life, are environmentally friendly, energy and resource efficient and meet market requirements.

We support electric mobility!

At our two charging stations with a total of four charging ports for all commercially available plug-in hybrids, we enable you, as well as our employees, to charge your car during your stay at TKM.

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