Flexo printing

Back Doctoring

Ink is continuously dripping along the entirety of the containment doctor blade. This occurs because it is removing ink from the surface of the anilox roller outside the chamber, rather than allowing the ink to enter the chamber.

Back Doctoring


  • Doctor Blade Pressure too high
  • Doctor Blade too thick
  • Wrong Doctor Blade Tip
  • Containment Doctor Blade worn out
  • Wrong End Seal
  • Ink viscosity out of spec
  • Chamber out of alignment


  • Used lowest possible doctor blade pressure
  • Use thinner containment doctor blade
  • Containment blade should be FlexoTip
  • Change Doctor Blade
  • Use correct End Seal
  • Check Ink viscosity and make sure it is in spec
  • Calibrate Chamber
  • Use OptiPrint, PowerPrint, CeraPrint, CeraFlex XT

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