Flexo printing

Dot gain

Problem case

Causes for dot gain
Dot gain is a printing error between prepress template and printed dot on the press. The result is often a darker and sometimes slightly blurry printed image. Root causes can me manifold, such as increased pressure settings from printing plate onto substrate, as well as wrong in viscosity. Wrong choice in printing plate thickness can be cause too as is wrong cell volume for the anilox roll. If the contact zone of the doctor blade is incorrect, this can also lead to a dot gain.


Solutions for dot gain
1. Check pressure setting for printing plate and substrate, adjust pressure seetings accordingly if necessary.
2. Check thickness of printing plate and change printing plate.
3. Check cell volume of anilox roll in conjunction with printing plate screen, swap anilox roll if necessary.
4. Check doctor blade contact zone with your blade supplier and change to
different type.
TKM recommends using TKM OptiPrint, TKM PowerPrint and TKM CeraPrint

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