There are a lot of things that regular maintenance can prevent from happening. However, using the wrong doctor blade is not one of them. Unfortunately, when this issue occurs, it can cause several issues within your flexo equipment. The only way to prevent these issues is by always choosing the correct doctor blade for your setup.

Signs That There May Be Trouble

Anyone who uses flexo equipment will eventually need to have it looked at by a professional. The following signs should be paid close attention to as they are the most common indicators that something is not right with your doctor blade.

1. Ink Issues

If you’re using the wrong doctor blade for your ink application, unintended results WILL occur. TKM will make sure you are selecting the right doctor blade tip and material for your ink combination. These issues include things like ink spitting and back doctoring, as common headaches for printers/converters.

2. Damaged Anilox Rolls

Your bottom line can suffer if the anilox rolls become damaged. Anilox rolls are an integral part of the flexographic printing process, without proper selection of doctor blades and effective ink systems processes this can be a costly mistake. This can happen in several ways, but the most common is that the anilox rolls are scored through trapped debris under the doctor blade.

3. Unnecessary Doctor Blade Changes

It’s just as bad for your bottom line to go through unnecessary doctor blade changes as it is to have the wrong doctor blade installed.

The best doctor blade is the one you don’t think about!

How You Can Fix Your Problem

To put it as simply as possible, you should have a TKM Technical Specialist analyze your specific situation to see how we can leverage our best-in-class products with our expert technical team.

Allow TKM To Assess Your Doctor Blade

TKM provides a free analysis of your doctor blade to determine what – if anything – is wrong with it. In some cases, we’ll simply need to make some adjustments. In other words, you’ll need to replace your current doctor blade with a new one. Either way, we’ve got the skills necessary to bring your printing equipment back to life!

Visit our Doctor Blade Analysis page to find out more about what TKM can do for you. Your press will be back online before you know it!