TKM recognizes the flexo wide web printing industry is demanding far superior print quality than ever. Our unique product developments allow you to meet the growing quality demands of the future.

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Discover our industry-leading doctor blades

We offer a variety of doctor blades for a range of applications:

TKM DuroBlade

Plasma ceramic tipped blade for the most abrasive applications. Designed for use with white inks, abrasive coatings, high cell volumes and gentle to the anilox. The DuroBlade is simply the longest lasting, best blade on the market.

TKM CeraFlex XT

This combination of high alloy steel and ceramic coated tip increases the lifetime of the doctor blade significantly while being formulated to be gentle to the anilox. Well suited for long print runs and multiple jobs requiring the tightest print density and process standards including extended gamut.

TKM PowerPrint

For PowerPrint, we use high-alloy tool steel that is produced exclusively for TKM USA. This special steel structure has outstanding wear resistance and avoids contamination of the inking system from residues of steel particles. This material is designed for longer lifetime with abrasive inks and very long print jobs.

TKM OptiPrint

Our Premium carbon steel material outlasts and outperforms the competition. This steel contains less sulfur particles, thereby eliminating breakouts and burrs at the surface of the anilox roller and protecting your investment. The higher chrome content allows the OptiPrint to wear more unifomly and break down into a fine powder, which prevents metal contamination in the ink system. OptiPrint is the ideal material for line, screen, and process work.

TKM PolyPrint

Used mainly with water-based inking and varnishing systems and a containment blade in flexographic printing. This blade prevents cutting injuries and score lines since no metallic particles accumulate in the inking system.

Blade Tips, Protective Coatings, and End Seals

TKM offers a variety of blade tip options:

FlexoTip ESP – Parabolic tip optimized for use with ink metering chambers. Our patented ESP treatment will allow for immediate clean wipe, less burr formation, and reduced pressure; all of which will increase the lifetime and printing performance of the doctor blade.

Lamella Tip – Pre-ground tip for best print quality when using high line screens and process colors.

Protect Coating – Our Protect coating further increases the wear resistance of the blades, while also offering additional benefits to protect the cylinder, such as added lubricity. This coating will reduce the blade’s friction and provide anti-corrosive properties.

TKM End Seals – Using the correct end seal is critical for ink containment. If you are having leaking or performance issues TKM can supply foam, felt and custom-made seals specific to your press and application.

Blade Analysis, Consultation, and Training

Doctor Blade Analysis – We offer our customers a blade analysis that further assists in determining possible press setup issues. This analysis, combined with our on-site consultation, will assist you in determining if the correct blade setup was used.

On site consultation and pressroom training – We offer our customers a pressroom consultation, as well as hands-on and classroom training. Our technical experts have decades of press room experience and are looking forward to assisting you in achieving your optimal solutions.

The World’s Most Effective Anilox Roll Cleaner

TKM enpurex© is a remarkable development in cleaning fluids; it is specifically designed for the printing sector (e.g., anilox rollers, print cylinders and printing rollers). Conventional cleaning agents are often based purely on aggressive chemicals and are either acidic or alkaline.

From doctor blades to cleaning agents and more, count on us to provide you with the best solutions possible for your wide web needs. Download our Flexo Wide Web Solutions Brochure for more info or contact our team for enpurex© samples, doctor blade trials, or questions regarding any of services or solutions.

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