Hazing / Toning

Ink showing in non-engraved areas in various intensity. This could range from a light haze that is barely detectible, to a heavy noticeable ink appearance. Hazing / Toning is the most common printing defect for gravure.

Hazing / Toning


  • Not using a ceramic coated Doctor Blade
  • Blade angle too flat
  • Ink is not drying fast enough
  • Wrong ink viscosity
  • Incorrect roughness of the cylinder (Rz)
  • Wavy Doctor Blade


  • Use ceramic coated Doctor Blade (CeraPrint, CeraPrint XT)
  • Use faster solvent
  • Check Rz of the Cylinder
  • Increase doctor blade angle
  • Replace Doctor Blade
  • Check Blade to Backer Overlap (3-5mm)
  • Use Stable Tip to reduce Blade deflection
  • Check Ink viscosity
  • Make sure that the Doctor Blade lays flat in the holder

Recommended Solutions to solving Hazing / Toning

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