Cylinder Wear / Chromium Damage

The chrome is either wearing or flaking from the cylinder surface. It I normal for the chrome to wear, but the right doctor blade and settings can reduce it.

Cylinder Wear / Chromium Damage


  • Doctor Blade pressure too high
  • Insufficient ink lubrication on the cylinder
  • Doctor Blade angle too steep
  • Cylinder roughness (Rz) too smooth
  • Using a low quality doctor blade


  • Assuring that the lowest possible blade pressure is used at all times
  • Check doctor blade angle and make sure its not too steep
  • Use a softer blade setup (Overlap & Doctor Blade Tip)
  • Use OptiPrint, PowerPrint, CeraPrint or CeraPrint XT

Recommended Solutions to solving Cylinder Wear / Chromium Damage

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