In these times of economic uncertainty, we sometimes must look around at other vendors to try to be more efficient and find savings anywhere we can. However, with TKM I need not look. They are the full package when it comes to doctor blades. As a plant Manager they make my job easy because the foundation that they have built with us is solid with great customer service, increased machine efficiency, cost reduction, expertise in the industry, and blade quality. If I were to rate TKM I would give them 5 stars….

Steve McCartha, Plant Manager - Sorma USA

Dominion Packaging has been using TKM products since 2006. We have since added new printing equipment and TKM has assisted us with perfecting our printing quality on all machines which include flexo, offset and gravure. We experienced a problem with our end seals on our flexo press and their experienced product specialist came into our facility, inspected the process, found the issue, suggested how to correct our problem and did just that. TKM doctor blades provide a superior wipe and longevity, along with a competitive price.

Christian Moore, Production Manager - Dominion Packaging

TKM is an unbelievably valuable supplier for us. The exceptional customer service, quick turnaround times, and quality product contribute to the success of our operation. We are grateful to have worked with them for so many years!

Lauren Chaudoir, Digital Planner/Buyer - CL & D, a ProMach Product Brand

TKM’s doctor blades have provided our company with high quality and repeatable results. They offered clear corrective actions for our press’s problems with specific blade recommendations. Through TKM’s doctor blades, we have seen huge cost savings and a reduction in expensive troubleshooting operations.

Shawn Holbach, Production Manager - American Packaging Corporation

For almost half a decade we have relied on TKM’s enpurex to keep our press operations running smoothly. Both the quality of the product and customer service has remained consistent, even during supply-chain issues, making TKM one of the few vendors we ‘order-and-forget.’ We highly recommend both the enpurex and TKM!

Eric Randolph, Admin Supervisor - Stanpac


DuroBlade is the optimal solution for highly abrasive inking, varnishing and coating systems in flexographic printing.

  • Reduces the number of blade changes
  • Extremely high durability
  • Reduction of the friction coefficient through lower blade pressure
  • Reduces printing costs
  • Specially suitable for abrasive inking, varnishing and coating systems
  • Avoids scoring lines
  • Is gentle to cylinder surfaces
  • Allows consistently ultra-precise coating thicknesses

Read our latest white papers

Download our new white paper Avoiding Doctor Blade Problems and Issues with Ink Metering Chambers. This white paper provides valuable insights for addressing common doctor blade issues and problems in order to maximize the performance and efficiency of your press.

Download Optimizing Production and Improving Print Quality: A Guide to Doctor Blade Analysis. This white paper is designed to provide you with a comprehensive understanding of the role of doctor blades in the printing process and how proper analysis and maintenance can improve production and enhance print quality.


  • Removes all common ink types (solvent-based, water-based and UV)

  • Physical detachment – instead of chemical dissolution

  • Protective deep cleaning with anilox rollers

  • Dermatologically tested

  • Biodegradable, pH-neutral

  • Suitable for 95% of all applications in the printing sector

  • Flashpoint above 95°C

  • Recommended by the BG ETEM

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