Gravure printing


Problem case

Causes for screening
At the beginning of the engraved area the printed image appears washed out. This is diagonally to the web direction. It can appear in solid areas but is more visible in screened areas. Usually cells walls become visible on the printed image.


Solutions for screening
1. Check ink viscosity and adjust viscosity by adding thinner slow or correct solvents.
2. Check drying time of ink and reduce drying time if necessary.
3. Check if doctor blade setting is too hard and adjust doctor blade protrusion or use thinner back-up blade if necessary.
4. Check doctor blade angle and adjust accordingly.
5. Check for too high doctor blade pressure and reduce to as little as possible.
6. Check pressure roller settings and shore hardness, adjust if necessary.

TKM recommends TKM OptiPrint and TKM CeraPrint with Stable tip.

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For over 100 years, TKM has been solving common printing problems in the flexographic and gravure industries. TKM can analyze your issues, provide a tailored solution with testing and partner with you every step of the through our robust training and support services.

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