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Doctor blades, Spare parts and Industrial Knives2022-10-13T13:03:42-04:00

Printing & Packaging

Doctor blades & machine knives for the printing and packaging

Our products convince with:
✔ Optimized material qualities ✔ Efficient ✔ Innovative Coatings

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The TKM Group offers various product groups for the printing and packaging industry.
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Doctor Blades & Consumables

Industrial knives & spare parts

There is a solution to every problem!

We always provide a solution for your specific applications! Whether in gravure or flexo printing, cutting or perforating, we have combined all
of our expertise and used it to develop highly efficient problem-solving strategies.

First-class doctor blades to optimize your printing productivity.

In addition to a comprehensive product range in the field of thin-ground doctor blades, high-performance knives and spare parts for the printing and packaging industry, we convince through creative and technical competence, service readiness and direct personal contact. We support your process optimization for best printing results and a longer service life.

Due to our own research and development department we meet your requirements for:

  • Optimized material quality
  • Efficient lamella shapes
  • Specific treatment procedures
  • Innovative coatings

whilst developing, manufacturing and delivering.

Warehouse and logistics are organized by a proven workflow management system. The guarantor for the 100 % delivery capability of TKM products.

Doctor blade analysis

We offer a special service with our doctor blade analysis. A perfect result can only be achieved if all parameters are exactly right.

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