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Machine Knives and Saws for the Wood Industry

Since 1908 we have been manufacturing knives for the wood industry. Research and development is conducted in close cooperation with leading machine manufacturers. A number of designs and developments have been influenced through our collaboration. New alloys, improved hardening procedures, tightest tolerances, only this way we could meet OEM requirements.

IKS Klingelnberg promotes the Initiative Furnier + Natur (Veneer + Nature) 
TKM Group, the leading supplier of machine knives for the veneer industry promotes the Initiative Furnier + Natur which aims at raising the awareness of the consumers that veneer means genuine wood, distinguishing veneer as high-quality material from wood imitations and establishing it in the market. In 2003, IFN introduced the veneer label which signifies the genuineness of wood. Wherever you see this label, you can be sure of furniture featuring a veneer surface, i.e. genuine wood.

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