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TKM Straight and Circular Knives, produced by IKS Klingelnberg GmbH and TKM Austria GmbH, reward customers with higher productivity, significant dust reduction, and lower yearly knife consumption costs. Our continuous research and development, as well as strict quality control (ISO 9001), insure you an excellent value.

Our industrial machine knives are matched to your application assuring you the ultimate in blade life and unsurpassed edge quality on your product. Output is also increased as equipment can be operated at prescribed design speeds.

Our Delivery Program for the Pulp and Paper Industry:
Top Slitter Knives

Bottom Slitter Knives

Multi Knife Blocks

Circular Dished Knives

Sheeter Knives

Doctor Blades

Coater Blades

Chipper Knives

We produce a wide range of both straight and circular knives for rewinders, cut size sheeters, pulp cutters, layboy sheeters, chippers, chip slicers, and rechippers. Popular designs and sizes are normally shipped from stock. Custom designed knives are also available.

Based on cutting characteristics of the material being processed, metallurgical composition, hardness and blade geometry are carefully balanced. Our industrial machine knives are produced from these and other material qualities:

Carbon Tool Steel - 52100, A2 (1.2363), S7, L3 (1.2067)
Chromium Molybdenum Steel - A8 (1.2345), A8 MODIFIED (K329 / 1.2345.7)
High Carbon High Chrome Steel - D2 (1.2379), D6 (1.2436)
High Speed Steel - M2 (1.3343), M3 (1.3344), M42 (1.3247)
Powdered HSS - CPM10V, CPM15V, CPMM4, ASP2023, ASP2053, VANADIS 10
Tungsten Carbide - Super-fine & Super-micro-fine Grain Grades

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