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Doctor Blades

Moveable & Stationary Jaws

Cellular Vulkollan® Cheeks

Jaw Pads & Guide Bars
Your Partner in the Gravure Pressroom for Doctor Blades and Consumable Knives, Slitters & Folder Parts

TKM United States Product and Industry Specialists have many years of experience and technical know-how. We can effectively utilize our company resources to help you increase production and reduce your costs to remain more competitive. Please consult our Specialists to experience what we can do to help you with your folder knives and spare parts requirements.

Gravure Doctor Blades

Tooth Knives
We have the expertise and application knowledge to recommend one of our alternate materials to provide you with greater wear resistance, and the following benefits:
  • Reduced Dust
  • Improved Cut Quality
  • Maintain Higher Press Speeds
  • Reduce Downtime
  • Increase Profits

Slitters & Circular Perforators
  • Available in any size or material
  • Experienced specialists to help optimize
  • In plant customer training and installation
  • Reduce dust and increase lifetime

Jaws & Tucker Blades
  • New Moveable & Stationary Jaws for KBA &
         Cerutti Gravure folders
  • We also re-condition KBA & Cerutti Moveable &
         Stationary Jaws back to O.E.M. specifications
  • available with Ceramic or Carbide coatings or
         Vulkollan® inserts

Solid Vulkollan® Cutting Rubbers
  • The most resistant Urethane to wear, abrasion,
         compression, tearing and chemicals
  • O.E.M. choice for best overall performance

Cellular Vulkollan® Knife Box Cheeks
  • More wear resistant than "other" foam product
  • Optional densities available for certain applications

Stitcher Parts
  • for KBA and Cerutti Stitchers
  • most popular items in stock

Gripper Fingers and Gripper Bars

Cellular Vulkollan® Jaw Pads


Tooth Knives

Top Slitters & Slitter Anvils

Vulkollan® Cutting Rubbers

Nip Rings

Vulkollan® is a Registered Trademark of the Bayer Material Science Company.

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