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Doctor Blades Manufacturing Process

Our manufacturing process begins with the selection of the finest raw materials available. We apply exacting standards of flatness, straightness and edge thickness through a comprehensive quality control system.

We produce multiple blade and tip designs from a wide variety of materials to fit every printing application. Our perfectly smooth blade tip (contact area) not only provides for high-quality consistent doctoring and allows for minimal blade pressure on start-up thereby reducing blade usage and expensive downtime.

Consistent print quality comes from a consistent printing process. Therefore, our Doctor Blades are held to the industry´s tightest tolerances to better serve printers.

Every Doctor Blade is professionally packaged in continuous coils or cut to length.

We are serious about Doctor Blades. Our experienced product specialists can recommend the proper blade you need for every printing job.


Preground ESP Tip

Tip thickness is held within 5 microns (0,005mm) ensuring a consistent contact zone with no variation in tonal values.

Stable ESP Tip

Our Stable ESP blade has a long bevel giving the working edge extra strength and rigidity. This design ist best suited for small tip sizes and long runs. It will also reduce breakage or cracking at the cylinder edge.

Combi ESP Tip

Eliminate blade cracking from rough cylinder edges. The blade utilizes a Preground or Stable tip while the ends of the blade remain at full thickness

Flexo Tip

Designed for use with enclosed Doctor Blade chamber systems. Advantages include increased lifetime, reduction in score lines and reduced back doctoring for Flexographic printing applications.


MeyerPrint Carbon Steel

This material has proven to be very reliable doctor blade steel meeting our standards. Material purity is optimized and has high chrome content compared to other blades on the market.

OptiPrint Premium Carbon Steel

Also optimized in purity. Additionally has five times higher chromium content than MeyerPrint Carbon Steel. Advantages include a very clean, reliable wipe with longer lifetime.

PowerPrint Special Alloy Steel

Material provides more wear resistance, toughness and smooth doctoring. The best alternative when coated blades or standard materials will not produce acceptable results. If you are looking for a very high quality wipe with superior lifetime, try PowerPrint!

MegaPrint Coated

Special coating with ceramic paricles. Increases blade lifetime and optimizes print quality. Polishes cylinders during printing which reduces toning, hazing, pin lines and steaking.

NiroPrint Stainless Steel

Corrosion resistant material best suited for water based and aggresive inks or coatings.

PolyPrint Polyester

Material best suited as a containment blade in chamber systems of for doctoring in a Flexographic printing application. Available with either a square or single bevel edge.

Our Exclusive ESP Treatment



We have perfected a process of chemically honing Doctor Blades that we call "ESP Treatment". This treatment allows for:

  • Immediate clean print which reduces waste

  • Burr free contact zone which eliminates streaking

  • Reduced working pressure which increases blade life

  • Elimination of cylinder damage

Please call us today to receive our quotation and discuss your particular application.

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