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FlexoTip Doctor Blades
  • Designed specifically for Flexo Printing chambered doctor blade systems.

  • Double 30 contact zone provides "good proof" installation - Doctor Blade can`t be installed up side down

  • ESP Edge Treatment provides a perfectly smooth, burr free contact zone.

Reduce Score Lines
Our ESP FlexoTip edge treatment, combined with exacting metallurgical standards provides a long lasting doctor blade without producing large burrs or chip-outs. Small pieces or slivers of steel are one of the primary causes of score lines. Our FlexoTip blade when used with filters and magnets reduce the extremely high cost of score lines.
Reduce Back Doctoring
Recent technological advancements have transformed Flexo Printing. Highter run speeds are one of these advancements but unfortunately these higher speeds often lead to Back Doctoring. Back Doctoring increases costs and can affect print quality. Our ESP Treatment has anti-adhesive properties that allow ink in unused cells to return to the chamber. Leading OEMs recommend the FlexoTip Blade.
  • 30 contact zone matches pre-set angle of chambered doctor blade systems providing faster run-in and make ready.

  • Consistent contact zone on the Anilox cylinder provides a better wipe and reduces ink leakage from the chamber.

  • Strong working edge eliminates bending of the blade tip. Less pressure required against the Anilox roller for a consistent wipe which provides lifetime with high quality printing results.

  • TKM FlexoTip Doctor Blade design is available in MeyerPrint, OptiPrint, PowerPrint, MegaPrint and NiroPrint materials.

Optimized Solutions for Our Customers
Choosing the right Doctor Blade does have a significant impact on print quality in flexo and related printing industries. Rolf Meyer has over 40 years of experience and innovation in this field.

Our products offer the printer significant benefits in regards to productivity quality and reliability.

Continuous dialogue with our customers all over the world has helped TKM / Rolf Meyer to develop a wide range of Doctor Blades for gravure, flexo and related printing industries.

Our goal is to provide the optimal Doctor Blade based on the individual requirements of our customers. Therefore we are proud to complete our product offering with the extra benefits of our new RMB DuroBlade.

RMB DuroBlade
RMB DuroBlade is a product developed specifically for the particular requirements of flexo and related printing industries. It is a product that is completely additional to the Doctor Blade range from TKM / Rolf Meyer and is available in stainless steel or other steel materials.

This blade was invented and produced by BTG Switzerland, the original high performance ceramic coated blade. In 1999, BTG launced the first flexo printing Doctor Blade which can be used in any type of flexographic application. Since then, their focus has been on developing innovative cost effective ways to improve productivity for printers.

The RMB DuroBlade will provide the following benefits:
Extremely High Wear Resistance
  • Very long blade lifetime
  • Less Doctor Blade changes
  • Lower make-ready cost
  • Less waste
Lower Blade Pressure Needed
  • Less friction of the blade
  • Wear is very even and slow
  • Clean print and stable production
  • Increased lifetime of the edge seats
Less Handling Required
  • Amount of score lines on the anilox roller can be drastically reduced.
  • Up to 1.5 times longer life of the anilox roller
  • Easier handling and less cutting risk for operators
Wiping Quality is Consistent During the Whole Blade Lifetime
  • Consistent print quality
  • Less dot gain
  • Fewer machine adjustments
  • Less complaints
  • Higher customer satisfaction

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