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Paper Knives for the Printing Industry

Our group supplies the global printing market and major worldwide OEMs with high quality Guillotine & Trimmer Knives. Popular designs are stocked and ready for immediate shipment. TKM Knives provide reliable performance; latest metallurgical technology and various qualities can be supplied to meet your demanding production requirements.

SUREKUT® Tool Steel

SUREKUT® INLAID KNIVES use a hardened tool steel inlay that is forged into a tough backing steel. Widely used as the printing industry standard.

SUREKUT® SOLID KNIVES are made from solid hardened high carbon, high chrome steel (HCHC). Popular for three-knife trimmer bottom knives.

DURAKUT™ High Speed Steel

DURAKUT™ HSS INLAID KNIVES utilize a vacuum brazed 18 % Tungsten (T1 HSS) inlay that provides a smooth, keen and durable cutting edge that can provide up to five times longer lifetime than standard knives.


ULTRAKUT™ CARBIDE INLAID KNIVES combine superior sharpness with exceptional wear resistance.

Our ULTRAKUT™ KNIVES are manufactured with a sub-micron tungsten carbide inlay.

ULTRAKUT™ KNIVES will outperform standard steel knives up to 25 times. More cuts between regrinds reduce knife changes and optimizes your production output.

Cutting Sticks

TKM Cutting Sticks are very important to your overall cutting system. By matching material grade to your specific application, TKM can supply you with long lasting, economically priced sticks from our large inventory of precut or custom cut lengths.

Spine Preparation and Inline Trimming

  • Milling and Leveling Teeth

  • Shredder and Rougher Teeth

  • Shredder Knives

  • Rotary Trimming Knives and Teeth

  • Rotary Trimmer Anvils
TKM offers knives and teeth inserts for all common adhesive binding machines and rotary trimmers. These products are mainly supplied in either solid or tipped fine grain tungsten carbide, which is tough and extremely wear resistant. Our selection of the right carbide material, tight tolerances and improved angle geometries assures consistent results.

Our close cooperation with leading carbide suppliers, good connections with key customers and state of the art sharpening companies has allowed us to develop more products to suit the finishing requirements used in spine preparation and rotary trimming applications.

Please contact us for information on our products or for a name of a qualified service/sharpening provider in your area who utilizes our products.

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